Sweeter Life is officially online!

Sweeter Life is officially online! We search the world to bring you a diverse range of healthy foods to improve your daily diet and culinary experience free of guilt.

Hong Kong people love sweet foods: from sharing cakes during the happy times; indulging in desserts during the sad times; gifting candied sweets for Chinese New Year; professing their love through chocolates for Valentine’s Day; curing hunger with cookies to completing a meal with dessert soup. Whatever bitterness life may serve us, we hope to help you find joy in everyday life with some sweetness.

It is a shame that most sweet foods have hidden health risks. Our senses are bombarded daily with the sight and aroma of these delicious, sweet treats, yet for the sake of our health, these are but a distant dream.

So, the Sweeter Life team have been bringing together desserts and sweets that are low in sugar or even sugar-free for those who want to lead a healthier life. We have foods that are suitable for diabetics or those on a vegan or keto diet.

Over the coming months, we will gradually introduce many healthy alternatives to common foods that we already eat regularly: from sugar, honey, chocolate hazelnut spread to pineapple cake.

In addition, we will announce many limited time discounts and offers and organise other food related activities and events.

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