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    Transparent Soy Sauce 100ml


    Best Before Date: April 2022

    “Transparent Soy Sauce” was developed in February 2019 and is a commemorative product for its 150th anniversary.
    The transparent soy sauce is made from the dark soy sauce of this brew, and the deliciousness of soy sauce is preserved.
    A new generation of soy sauce made from materials that can make the most of color.
    It is a seasoning that goes beyond the boundaries of Japanese cuisine and can be applied to various dishes such as Western cuisine.
    For home use, hospitality, gifts, etc.

    Ingredients: Soy Sauce Distillate, Salt, Brewed Vinegar / Seasoning (Amino Acids, etc.), Trehalose, Alcohol, Cyclic Oligosaccharides, (some include Soybeans and Wheat)
    It’s fine to accidentally drip on clothes due to transparency.