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    Sugar-free Lifestyle Pack


    Best seller! If you love sweetness in your coffee, tea, smoothies, sprinkled on your breakfast or baking your favorite desserts, the Natvia stevia sweetener is what you’ll need! Its all-purpose use for tea, coffee and baking makes it a crowd favorite and most sought after Natvia product. What are you waiting for?

    The Premium pack contains:

    1 x 40 Stick Packs Sweetener (40 x 2g)

    1 x Tablet Sweetener 12g

    1 x Canister Sweetener 300g

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    Premium Sugar-free Lifestyle Pack

    Brand: Natvia
    1. Natvia Natural Stevia Sweetener
    2. Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread
    3. Natvia Strawberry Spread
    4. Natvia Raspberry Spread
    5. Natvia’s Flip O’s 5 Flavours Ice Popsicle
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    Dark Chocolate Lover


    This Bundle contains:

    1 x Hazelnut Spread 350g

    4 x Dark Chocolate (Coconut Rough, Mint Crisp, Raspberry Crush, Rich Dark)


    Hazelnut Spread 350g

    Hazlenut spread with ZERO palm oil, VEGAN, and 100% delicious!

    You can now indulge guilt-free! A delicious spread for your toast, the perfect addition to your baking or delicious straight from the jar. With 97% less sugar than other hazelnut spreads, why wouldn’t you!

    The Orangutan Alliance support the orangutans and their habitat by promoting products with no palm oil.

    Well Naturally Chocolates

    • 100% real chocolate
    • Gluten free
    • Deliciously rich
    • Natural antioxidants
    • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
    • Naturally sweetened with stevia
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    DIY Keto Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate


    Make your DIY Hot chocolate by mixing 6g Cacao Powder (2 teaspoons), 6g Natvia Gold (1.5 teaspoons) and 200ml hot milk

    Organic Cacao Powder

    Cacao is one of the world’s most popular flavourings. It’s the source of chocolate! Pure Cacao, although full of flavour, is also bitter, so it’s usually mixed with cream and sugar to balance out the flavour. Regency Cacao comes from Peru, where we find a lovely caramel fruity chocolate flavour, grown and processed to perfection in the wild Amazon rainforests. Cacao Powder is the result of a long, labourous and mechanical process previously not possible, as it needs to be milled at a cooler temperature below 50 degrees C to better preserve all the flavours and nutrients. Traditional cocoa grinding generates a lot of heat, and thus resulting in a different flavour and nutrient profile. Regency Cacao Powder is also USDA and EU Organic Certified.


    Gold Canister Sweetener 250g

    Best Before Date : Oct 2021

    Natvia Gold is our tasty brown sugar replacement bringing a new delicious flavour to your coffee, teas, and baked treats! Sweetened 100% naturally, enjoy the flavour of brown sugar the healthier way!