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We can make the world a better place through our consumption choices.

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I really love this stuff. First of all I have tried monk fruit, stevia and other sugar substitutes and they all have an aftertaste. This however does not have one! Its very very fine, and tastes like sugar only sweeter. Highly Recommend!
Natvia is simply the best tasting stevia sweetened sugar replacement available. The best part is that it is all natural without the artificial stuff. My entire family has now switched over. Even my teenage son, who sprinkles it over his weetbix has been converted. We’re using less sugar in our cooking and diet, makes a big difference in our overall well being.
Great taste, ditch sugar
I started researching Stevia and alternatives to sugar when i wanted to cut down my calories. Natvia has a great taste and i purchased the 2g sticks so it is convenient in their little packets. I find it just as good as sugar, with half the calories. I can’t tell the difference and i cant taste any after taste that others have mentioned. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an alternative to sugar with less calories.
Less calories than sugar!